Starship Captain 8 in the Megaway Galaxy Slot


Even Captain 8 has to unwind after fending off alien invaders from the cosmos. Thanks to Section8 Studio’s work for 888casino, you may play in the best intergalactic casino with your host, Capt. 8. Captain 8 in Galactic MegawaysTM, one of the six games in the series, has the exclusive MegawaysTM mechanism and delivers huge fanfare to your screen.

You get to play on reels that are supersized, increasing your chances of winning significantly. With 7 positions per reel, there are 117,649 possible combinations on this 6×7 grid. Naturally, a random method can cause anywhere from two to seven symbols to appear on each reel. This casino game has a very different structure from standard slots, as players need to line up identical symbols on neighboring reels to win. Drawing lines from left to right between symbols will do.

Care for some technical details? The reels in this video slot game may spin up to seven rows deep.

The theoretical RTP is 95.97%, so there’s a lot of room for massive wins. Of course, you may also win Free Spins and a Progressive Jackpot if you play smart and keep an eye on the clock leading up to your certain cash out.

Our hero, Captain 8, is waiting for you in an exciting space adventure packed with Free Spins and a unique reel mechanic that will keep you entertained for hours. Join Captain 8 and the rest of the crew as they let free for the ultimate adrenaline trip. We’re going to be doing a lot of spinning, so buckle up, cadet.


Captain 8 is one bored kid since he’s always working. Captain 8 needs a break every once in a while since he has so many interstellar adventures to finish. So, come have a blast with him in Galactic MegawaysTM, the galaxy’s best slot machine. Due to the MegawaysTM feature, there are 117,649 possible combinations every spin. It may seem complicated at first, but we’ll explain everything in detail.

You can adjust your wager by using the plus and minus buttons in the lower left corner of the space control panel. To enlarge, use the plus sign; to reduce, the minus sign. With your wagers set, it’s time to shoot for the slots’ highest-paying icons.

Galactic MegawaysTM slots include Captain 8, a character from the Power 8 Jackpot video slot series. Each spin might cost as little as $0.20 or as much as $20.

Demo versions of our virtual space camp are available for Windows, macOS, and iOS devices. Always remember to play safely; space is a dangerous place. Now let’s talk about the game’s high- and low-value icons.

Signs of Great Worth


Planeta Roja

Earth, the Green

Planet Purple

Planet Orange

Insignificant Symbols






The Captain 8 reel mechanics in Galactic MegawaysTM are different from those of regular slots. When a winning combination is made, an explosion occurs, and the vacant spots are quickly filled up from above. The MegawaysTM mechanism randomly changes the amount of symbols on each reel between 2 and 7 times every spin. To form a winning combination, symbols must be next to one another, left to right, across the reels.


Indicator of Wildness

The gold shield of Captain 8 serves as the Wild emblem. Aside from Scatters, it may replace any other symbol on the fifth reel to help you win. On its own, The Wild is a loser.

Scatter Diagram

Astral display During the main game, the scatter symbol might occur on any vertical reel. Even though it doesn’t pay out on its own, getting 4 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels triggers 12 free games. Free games can be re-awarded up to a maximum of twenty times.

Bonus Turns

If you manage to get 4 or more Scatter symbols while playing the main game, you’ll receive 12 extra turns. Scatters can be combined with free spins in a number of different ways, including:

Free Games: 12 at 4 Scatters!

5 Scatters * 5 Times = 12 + 5 Bonus Games

Free Games: 10 for 6 Scatters + 2 Extra Spins

Jackpot Power 8

All of the games in the Galactic MegawaysTM series contribute to the Power 8 Jackpot, and Captain 8 is no exception. In addition to the MUST PAY WITHIN box, the upper right of the gaming system features a jackpot countdown meter. When the clock reaches zero, the prize will be awarded. Increasing one’s stake size increases one’s chances of winning. Always keep your spending under control.


This is a high-speed game. You’re sitting in the front row at the largest casino in the galaxy thanks to Captain 8 in Galactic MegawaysTM. The space shuttle is about to blast out on a galactic journey that will take you from roulette to blackjack to baccarat and beyond. It’s an out-of-this-world experience that will blow your mind.

Bet on your mobile device; it’s the only way to keep up with the activity. Every time the reels spin, the MegawaysTM mechanism produces a completely new set of symbols. Get the 888casino app now for your Android, iPhone, or iPad. These cutting-edge gadgets may be downloaded via the cosmic cloud’s equivalents of Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

On the move, you can still reach the Power 8 Jackpot and use the game’s many features including Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, and the fantastic MegawaysTM mechanism. We need to flick the switches, cadet, since time is of the essence.






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