Greek Gods from Pragmatic Play Pragmatic Play’s Greek Gods Let You Win Big If You Petition Them

Although it is fairly normal for players of online slots to say broad prayers to one deity or another as they spin the reels in the goal of landing a large win, there are much fewer games that actually feature any of those deities. However, it is very typical for players of online slots to utter general prayers to one deity or another as they spin the reels. This is one of the few games that does, and as the name of the game suggests, the gods that are featured in it are from the pantheon of ancient Greece. Greek Gods was developed by Pragmatic Play.

Have the Answers to Your Prayers Arrived?

The Greek pantheon is home to more than a dozen important gods and goddesses, in addition to hundreds of other gods and goddesses with less prominence. Taking this into consideration, we couldn’t help but feel a little let down when we discovered that the Greek Gods slot game only included two of them. Fortunately, the two stars of this particular play are possibly the most significant stars of all: Zeus, who is King of the Gods and lords over Mount Olympus, and his wife Hera, who is Queen of the Gods. Together, they are known as the Olympians.

The action of the game takes place on Mount Olympus, and the slot machine itself is designed in the style of a Greek temple. It has five reels, and each reel has three rows. The golden sunlight beautifully reflects off of the white marble pillars that support the temple, making for an extremely aesthetically stunning setting. A big advantage of the temple’s location high above the clouds and a world away from the lives of the mortals who live their lives on the ground below is the fact that this advantage is afforded to it.

When you play Greek Gods, each and every spin gives you 243 different opportunities to win. The standard playing card ranks of 10, J, Q, K, and A are all presented in an artistic pseudo-3D style on the reels. Other symbols on the reels include a golden goblet, a golden lyre (presumably identical to the one Apollo gave to Orpheus), the goddess Hera, the god Zeus, a golden Wild, and a blue thunderbolt scatter, which appears on the third, fourth, and fifth reels.

The modern orchestral style best describes the soundscape that is featured in Greek Gods, and if you are fortunate enough to access the game’s bonus features, the pulsating rhythm of the percussion will ramp up wonderfully. In a similar vein, the sound effects that are used to emphasize particular events that are happening on the screen, such as when a player lands a winning combination, are loud and tense. If you sprinkle in some fluid animations at random, this slot machine will become one that you won’t mind spending a significant amount of time with.

The Greek Gods’ Assorted Prizes

This game contains a function called Random Awards, which is meant to depict the idea that gods and goddesses may be a capricious group of entities. Play the main game as you normally would, and if the gods you interact with decide to bestow a surprise gift upon you at any moment, they will do so without giving you any advanced notice.

Bonus Game Based on the Greek Gods’ Wheel of Fortune

When this function is activated, a Wheel of Fortune will spin, and the section that is indicated when it stops will reveal the reward that you have won. You have probably already guessed this, but just in case: the segment that is indicated when it stops will show you the prize that you have won. This will result in a win that is at least ten times your original wager, and it has the potential to result in a win that is one thousand times your total bet.

Free Spins Feature Honoring the Greek Gods

The Free Spins bonus can be activated in two different ways: either by receiving a Free Spins Random Award or by simultaneously having at least five of the blue thunderbolt scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. You will receive three free spins, in addition to an additional free spin for every scatter symbol that is displayed during the game. During this feature, the blue lightning bolt symbol and the random awards will both appear on each of the game’s five reels. This feature gives players the opportunity to win additional free spins, with a maximum of 40 free spins being awarded on any given spin. In the off chance that all of that wasn’t enough, the Wheel of Fortune bonus game can also be activated through the use of free spins.

Make Your Request to the Gods Right Now!

The Greek Gods slot game is a fantastically entertaining game that is certain to win over both casual and experienced slot players alike. You should travel to your preferred location that has Pragmatic Play games so that you can give it a spin or two, and may the luck of the gods be with you so that you can win.






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